About Us

It all started 8 years ago with a weekly class for our community to get together and connect over our beautiful culture and heritage. Since then, there have been numerous successful Gorsky Kavkazi programs benefiting our community. Unfortunately, there is still a massive gap between our community’s needs and the resources available to them.

This is why the Gorsky Kavkazi Federation of America was born.

The GKFA aims to identify & create leaders in our nation, and to support Gorsky Kavkazi programs.

Far too often, there are passionate members of our community who are inspired to help and make change, but they quickly become discouraged due to lack of guidance, resources, and various obstacles. Many of us have tried to stand up to do what’s needed to lift up the Gorsky Kavkazi community. There is only so much one can do alone, but together we can reach new heights and achieve what was previously unimaginable.

Let’s combine our strengths, experiences, and resources to actualize our hidden potential and bring our community to a whole new level.

The GKFA is a collective where leaders can come together and work towards this vision.

Be part of the solution.